How to Make Money by Using Your Phone

Making money with smartphones has become easier. There are several ways are available when you want to make money using smartphones. The way of making money using smartphones are endless from watching ads to taking surveys and even from playing games.

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Let us discuss some of the effective ways to earn money by using your smartphone.

Watching Ads:

One of the best ways to make money from your smartphone is by watching videos. Several apps will pay you for watching videos and you can earn rewards and bonus points that are redeemable for gift cards and cash. So, if you are planning to earn more money, you can use your smartphone for watching video advertisements.

Playing Games:

Another simple and effective way to make money by using your smartphone is by playing games. You can play games from various websites. For example, pocket7games offers real money games for the players and you can earn real cash as prizes and rewards. Some of the popular skill-based games are bingo clash, solitaire clash, 2048, tile blitz, and dunk shot, and you will get a lot of amazing prizes and rewards.

Take Online Surveys:

Answering online surveys is one of the effective ways to make money using your smartphone. There are several survey companies that pay people to take surveys about different things such as health care, home insurance, etc. You will always have this opportunity to make money since there are several companies utilizing paid online surveys. These sites will pay you via PayPal or let you pick any gift card of your choice as compensation for your work.

Using Investment Apps:

Investing your money in investment apps is one of the best ways to make money by using your smartphone. Nowadays, more apps are available on the app store and you can download the best one in order to make an investment. Before investing, make sure to do enough research about the app because your capital is at risk with investing.

Sell Your Items:

If you are having extra items like furniture in your house that you don’t need, you can use your smartphone to sell those items and turn them into cash. There are several marketplace apps available, and they are easily accessible and suitable for selling your items.

Become a Language Tutor:

Teaching languages to other people is one of the effective ways to make money by using your phone. You can get payments depending on the languages you know and the hours of teaching the lesson. After completing the lessons for your students, you will receive payments for your process.


Making money using a smartphone has become easier than ever and there are plenty of options that you can do in order to make extra cash. From the above, you can get a piece of detailed knowledge about some of the effective ways to make money using your phones.


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