How to Make Postcards Rock

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There’s a lot more to postcards than anyone may think. Some people may probably think there isn’t pretty much more than just paper with a picture and some writing on it. What else could there be? It turns out a lot goes into making a phenomenal postcard. Postcards are an ideal bet, whether it’s informational, an invitation, or just an Ad for one of the products to the targeted clients. Even if the postcards are not being sent at an event or advertise something specific, postcards are easy and cost-effective to show they care. There’s no reason to fail to improve the marketing strategy with a few personalized touches from handmade cards.

Are you ready to make this postcard rock? If yes, the possibilities are almost endless! Begin with plain cardstock and paint a pretty image on the front part. Or, get creative and experiment with paint, glitter, or string. Let’s explore how to make postcards rock.

How to Create a Postcard from Scratch

Whether the choice is to make the postcard with mailability or plastic postcard mailers, these tips may be vital.

Choose the Best Material

When starting with postcards, we might have many questions about what paper to use! When choosing the right piece, a few things are essential to keep in mind. We can use cardstock or plastic (more durable and stand out from the crowd).

For postcards to look professional, one may have to go the extra mile. Many people may not know that they can glue sheets together to get a thicker backing. This will give a sturdier postcard that won’t bend or curl, allowing for much more detail in the artwork.

For this option, the best thing to do is to stick the sheets together and put them under a heavy, flat object overnight to allow the glue to dry and keep the paper from wrinkling. For plastic postcards, consider working with it like that since plastic is thicker than a regular paper, or work with a laminated postcard for better results.

Design The Note and Address Side

Designing the note and address side is essential when making a postcard. When creating postcards, one may decide to make sure that the message and address are on the same side. Keep in mind that the upper part of the right side is smaller than the left side, where the notes can be written. Always find information on this in a free downloadable postcard template from Pinterest or canvas and customize them in a desirable manner.

Create the Postcard Cover

This is when to let creativity shine. People are encouraged to get creative and make their postcards stand out. Some restrictions, however, are essential to follow so that the postcards can pass through the postal system. Don’t worry; most of these guidelines are easy to follow. They are easy to overlook or reject the postcard, which is not fun. To prevent problems, keep the following guidelines in mind.

● The design should be PG-13 at the very least, “Safe for Work.” Before it reaches its final destination, your postcard must meet the measurements.

● Postcards must be “machineable” in practically all circumstances; therefore, keep the design flat so that it can fit through postal machine rollers.

● Make Sure Everything Is Tied Together – Glue is a must-have item for each postcard crafter. Ensure it is completely enclosed to prevent the postcard from getting lost in a machine or falling apart.

Add a Stamp and Mail the Greetings

Finally, write the recipient’s name and address on the first two lines of the “note” side. Head to the post office once checked and satisfied with the cover, note, and address. Because postcard and letter postage rates differ, use a regular stamp and purchase postage at the post office in the correct quantity to save on the cost. Consider using plastic postcard mailers since they are unique and durable.

Factors to Consider When Designing a Postcard

The Material Used

The best material for a postcard design is matte laminated plastic cards. When designing a postcard, everyone thinks of a durable and waterproof card. The best material for a postcard design is plastic. It has all of these features, plus more! It comes in various colors, thicknesses, and qualities (from glossy to matte), so choose the right one on the market. In addition, it won’t get damaged if it gets wet or bent.

Laminated postcards are also known as “polypropylene” or “polypro” cards—the same material used in lamination sheets and book covers—so they will last longer than paper postcards and aren’t easily damaged by moisture or bending over time.

Thickness of the Card

The thickness of the postcard is directly related to quality. A thicker card will be more durable and last longer than a thinner one in an envelope or storage. A thick card also shows that someone cares about giving the reader something that will last long after they receive it (and hopefully read it).

Thicker cards are easier to print because the ink has more weight and doesn’t run as efficiently on thicker stock paper. You’ll save money by having fewer misprints or damaged copies, but they’re also more expensive to print than their thinner counterparts—so be sure with this added expense before ordering any thick cards!


Durability is a factor to consider when making a postcard. For example, plastic postcards will survive in wet conditions and won’t cling to other papers in the mail stream. A photo, map, illustration, or printout can be inserted into a plastic sleeve at the back of the postcard for added impact. The plastic card stock used for our durable is acid-free, so it won’t deteriorate over time as paper-based cards would. When using UV coating on both sides of each card, they’re virtually scratchproof—so they’ll look great even after repeated handling by customers and prospects!


Making the postcard stand out may be challenging, but it is easy now to get started right away by following this guidance and downloading the free postcard online designs. On the other hand, plastic postcards are a terrific solution for many businesses because they are sturdy and easily recyclable. One method to improve them is to include an expiration date on the back, so customers will know when their following discount code or free drink is due! People typically forget about these tiny bits of plastic floating around in their pockets until they sit down at home with some pants on their heads, which can help decrease waste.


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