How to Protect Hardwood Floors Effectively

Hardwood floors are prone to damage and fracture if they aren’t properly maintained. Without proper maintenance, the flooring is prone to scratches, chipping, damage, etc. So, you have to avoid all the factors that might cause this damage.

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There are several things you must do, and you must avoid with respect to hardwood floors. Despite the quality of the floors you have chosen, there are some common things you must observe with the maintenance of hardwood floors.

Therefore, in this article, we shall discuss the proper ways to maintain a hardwood floor from getting damaged and the best way to increase its lifespan before renovation.

There are several things you should strictly follow in your house with hardwood floors if you want to protect the floor lifelong.

Reduce impact and traffic

The primary thing that causes damage to a hardwood floor is the high traffic and the impact it makes. Imagine thousands of steps impacting the floor with shoes. What will happen? The wooden floor will start to become weak and start to scrape away. So, when people tend to enter the home with shoes, ask them to remove them kindly.

If you cannot prevent high traffic or people walking over with shoes, you can use floor mats or logo mats which will project your brand and reduce the impact on the floors.

Don’t clean your floor with water frequently

Even though hardwood floors are laminated with waterproof coatings, it is highly disliked to wipe the flooring with wet mops or wash the floor frequently.

Water will damage the floor eventually and you have bumps and swellings in the future. Also, the water may seep through the tiny gaps and cause decay of the inner wood present in the flooring.

So, it is always recommended to wipe away the dust with a vacuum or dry broomstick. You can also dry mop or use steam cleaning for the best results.

Use Protectors for Furniture Legs

It is normal to drag the chair around or push it inside the dining table. The legs are hard enough to cause a scratch or damage to the flooring. So, you must use leg protectors suitably and try to minimize the dragging of the furniture on the wooden floor.

You can try lifting the furniture whenever you want to change the layout or shift one from another part of the house.

Lay down rugs and mats for pets

Pets have nails and they tend to scratch them on the floor often. This will increase the damage to the floor, and it is important to place mats and rugs in areas where they reside.


These are the things you must strictly follow to avoid damage to your hardwood flooring. If you maintain the floor in a similar fashion, you can easily prolong the life of the flooring for a significantly long time.


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