What are Some Tips to Make an Effective Door Hanger Marketing Campaign

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Door hanger marketing is the process of creating flyers that can be able to hang on doorknobs throughout the entire neighborhood. The door hangers will advertise new businesses in the area, offering special deals and discounts by a local business or simply contact information of the new or existing business. The door hanger marketing campaign has several advantages and disadvantages and that should be considered both in the terms of implementation and effectiveness.

One of the important benefits of a door hanger marketing campaign is the ability to keep the door hangers out of junk mail and in front of the customer. Many people receive several advertisements in the mail and immediately throw them away without considering them at all. But in the case of door hanger marketing flyers will mostly attract the attention of the homeowner and they will likely see the advertisement for at least some seconds.

When it comes to its drawbacks, the door hangers will either blow away in the wind or become damaged from exposure to various elements. Most of the business owners started printing the flyers on high-grade paper or card stock that are meant to stay on the doorknob even in the high winds. The following are some of the tips to make an effective door hanger marketing campaign.

Know When to Distribute:

If you are planning to start the door-hanging campaign, you need to know when to distribute. Also, you should consider the timing which is an essential aspect of the campaign. The changes between one week and the next could mean everything. So, take this thing as an important consideration when you are planning to promote. For example, if you are promoting the August sale, you don’t want to promote in July and not promote it on the days before the sale. Depending on your target audience , you may tell them about the sale for a week or even two weeks.

Make a Great Door Hanger:

Have you ever ignored a door hanger on your home door? It is because maybe it has too many words on it or dint have enough information on it. Make sure to evaluate why you have ignored them before and be careful not to repeat the same mistakes again. Make a perfect door hanger with excellent built-in quality and ensure that it contains enough information in order to attract the attention of the customer.

Be Ready to Speak:

When you are doing your rounds, you may come into contact with your potential customer. Always be ready to talk with them because you are on their property. You should be more friendly and ready to discuss the things that you offer. Attire is also important if you are targeting a new area. If you dress like a robber, they may treat you like one. So, dressing well will help in keeping you safe.


When you are doing door hanger marketing, make sure that your marketing contains thorough information but also doesn’t want to go overboard. Having too much information on the hanger will confuse the customers and they may ignore them. So, keep your door hanger marketing clear and simple.


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