What are the distinctions between auroras A and C?

The family of enzymes known as the Aurora kinases, which includes the proteins Aurora A and Aurora C, is responsible for controlling the cell cycle. Despite having a tight relationship and numerous structural and functional similarities, Aurora A and Aurora C nevertheless vary in a few key ways.

There are differences between auroras A and C

Their expression patterns are one of the main distinctions between Aurora A and Aurora C. Despite being expressed at all times throughout the cell cycle, Aurora A is most active in the G2 phase, which is a time when cells are growing and getting ready to divide. In contrast, the early mitotic phase and the G2/M phase transition are the times when Aurora C is expressed most strongly. These proteins’ various functions in the cell cycle are hypothesized to be connected to the variation in expression patterns.

The substrate specificity of Aurora A and Aurora C is another distinction. The vast spectrum of proteins that Aurora A may phosphorylate includes microtubules, centrosomes, and chromatids. Aurora A has a broad substrate specificity. In contrast, Aurora C phosphorylates chromatids and microtubules preferentially and has a narrower range of substrate specificity. These proteins have different functions in the cell cycle, which is assumed to be a result of their different substrate specificities.

The cell cycle is also affected differently by Aurora A and Aurora C. The appropriate segregation of chromatids during cell division has been shown to depend on Aurora A, which controls mitosis. The control of meiosis, which is the mechanism by which germ cells (sperm and eggs) are created, is handled by Aurora C, on the other hand. During meiosis, Aurora C is necessary for correct chromosomal alignment and segregation.

Aurora A and Aurora C are involved in the cell cycle, but they are also linked to cancer. Both proteins have been shown to be overexpressed in a number of cancer forms, and this overexpression has been linked to more aggressive cancer types and worse prognoses. Several cancer medications that aim to decrease the action of these proteins and slow the proliferation of cancer cells are now focusing on Aurora A and Aurora C.


In conclusion, the Aurora kinase family of proteins includes the closely related proteins Aurora A and Aurora C, which are crucial for controlling the cell cycle. They vary significantly in a number of ways, including their expression patterns, substrate selectivity, and impact on the cell cycle, even though they have many structural and functional characteristics in common. Both proteins have been linked to cancer, and some cancer medications target them.


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