What are the Most Popular Types of Kitchen Knives?

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The knife plays a major role in the kitchen, and it is one of the important cutlery items. Most of the cutting tasks in the kitchen are achievable only with the help of a knife. A knife blade is designed for a specific purpose, which helps in making your cutting easier with more precision. In full cutlery set wholesalers offer stainless steel cutlery sets to their customers that include knives, forks, spoons, and teaspoons. The right knife will help the chef to prepare the food with more confidence and creativity and you will be free of worried about how best to approach a cut.

There are different types of kitchen knives available in the market and it is more difficult to choose the best one for yourself. The following are some of the most popular types of kitchen knives along with their uses.

Chef’s Knife:

A chef knife is one of the most common versatile tools. It is used to dice vegetables and chop fruits and herbs. Also, it is used to cut various ingredients like poultry, meat, and fish. They are having a wide blade with a wounded tip, which makes the knife ideal for a variety of chopping techniques. This type of knife is always available in every commercial kitchen. Chef knives are also available in different sizes, among which the most popular sizes are between 8 to 12 inches.

Santoku Knife:

It is a Japanese-style chef knife, which becomes more popular in western kitchens. Santoku knives are similar to chef’s knives in terms of size and shape, but they have a few differences. They have much thinner blades than chef knives, which makes them ideal for dicing and slicing vegetables. Santoku means three virtues, which are slicing, mincing, and dicing, which makes this knife to be an all-rounder.

Carving Knife:

A carving knife is a long, thin knife, which is used to carve the meat off from the bone. This knife has a sharp point with a straight edge. They are also called slicing knife and it is one of the longest kitchen knives. Carving knives are sued in conjunction with a fork, as the fork can be used to hold the meat in place while the knife slides through it. With the help of their long and thin blades, they can be able to make precise cuts and great for slicing vegetables. If you are looking for a knife to cut meat, beef, or pork, a carving knife is a perfect option.

Paring Knife:

A paring knife is a small, sharp knife, which is used for peeling and slicing fruits and vegetables. They are having a short, curved blade that makes the knives easy to maneuver around small fruits and vegetable pieces. This type of knife is also used for other tasks such as removing seeds from fruits, deveining shrimp, trimming meats, etc. They have blades that range between 2 ¼ and 4 ½.


A kitchen is incomplete when you don’t have a perfect knife collection. With so many types of knives available in the market, it is important to choose the right one for your needs. When you are purchasing a knife, make sure to consider several factors like material, blade shape, length, handle, and price.


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