What Happens If Both the Dragon and Tiger Hands Have the Same Value

The popularity of the card game Dragon Tiger has increased significantly in recent years. The game is simple and quick, which appeals to both inexperienced and seasoned players. But there can be instances when both the Dragon and Tiger hands are equally valuable. What happens in a casino game when such a circumstance arises will be covered in this article.

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Understanding Dragon Tiger:

It’s essential to comprehend how Dragon Tiger is played before getting into the situation of bound hands. Two cards are dealt in this game, one to the Dragon and one to the Tiger. The goal is to place a wager on which hand the Dragon or the Tiger will hold the highest value card. According to conventional poker rules, Ace is the lowest value while King is the highest. It’s important to note that the card values do not take suits into account.

The Tied Hands Scenario:

When both the Dragon and Tiger hands are dealt cards with the same value in Dragon Tiger, a tied hand result. The outcome is a draw, for instance, if the Dragon is dealt a 7 of Hearts and the Tiger is dealt a 7 of Spades. Although they are not common, bound hands do sometimes occur during games.

House Advantage and Payouts:

The casino keeps its edge in the event of a deadlocked hand. Most casinos adhere to a certain principle known as “House Takes Half” or “La Partage.” According to this regulation, the player receives back half of their bet on a tied hand while giving the casino the other half. This regulation provides a balanced payout structure and aids the casino in keeping its advantage.

Effects on Bets:

A tied hand has effects on the different bets that are offered in Dragon Tiger. The “Dragon/Tiger” bet, which predicts which hand will have a larger value, is the most popular stake in this game. Except for wagers explicitly made on the tied hand, all Dragon and Tiger bets are forfeited in the case of a tie. Players still have a chance to make a respectable profit in this scenario since bets on the tied hand are paid out at odds of 8:1.

Strategies for Tied Hands:

Even though tied hands are unexpected, some players use certain tactics to increase their odds of succeeding in such situations. Making a side bet on the tied hand is one tactic. Players who are looking for greater rewards are drawn to this wager since it gives a larger payoff than the typical Dragon/Tiger wager. However, it’s important to keep in mind that bound hands are uncommon, thus depending only on this tactic may not be the most advantageous course of action.


In the game of Dragon Tiger, a tied hand happens when both the Dragon and Tiger hands have the same value. When this occurs, the “House Takes Half” rule is put into effect in casinos, assuring equitable payments while preserving the house advantage. Despite being very infrequent, tied hands might affect certain wagers in the game.

Bets on the tied hand, which has better odds and the potential for good rewards, may be strategically placed by players. Whether you’re playing Dragon Tiger at a land-based casino or exploring online earning apps, this exciting card game provides an exhilarating gaming experience that keeps players on their toes.


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