What Health Care Services are Covered by Health Insurance Companies

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Home health care services allow several personnel to get treatment for a medical condition in a safer environment for the patient. It is important to purchase a health insurance policy in order to secure your elderly parents against hospital expenses and treatment bills in case of any medical emergency situations. Nowadays, most of the health insurance providers offer a wide range of coverage for home care services under their home health care policy and procedures manuals

Home care services in health insurance allow individuals in order to receive medical treatment at home. These types of facilities are suitable for elderly people who want to recover from any critical illnesses or during post-surgery recovery. This also allows the other patients to avoid hospitalization and stay within the comfort of their homes to receive the best treatment facilities.

Several diseases allow the patient to avail of home care services rather than getting admitted to a hospital. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, dengue, hepatitis, gastroenteritis, pancreatitis, bronchopneumonia, respiratory tract infection, etc are some of the conditions that don’t require a patient to get admitted at a hospital depending on the health condition of the patient. In this case, the patient can be treated at home under home healthcare services.

Health Care Services Covered by Health Insurance Companies:

The following are some of the home healthcare services covered by health insurance companies.

Domiciliary Treatment:

Under domiciliary hospitalization, the policyholder is allowed to get treatment at home when they are unable to stay in the hospital due to certain critical conditions. Such patients will get all required medical facilities at home by hiring a professional caregiver. In some cases, even doctor professionals suggest domiciliary hospitalization if there are no hospital rooms available or if the appropriate facilities are not there at the hospital.

OPD Treatment:

Outpatient departments, minor treatments, and procedures are included that normally don’t require hospitalization. This type of procedure may be expensive and covered by some health insurance companies. OPD home healthcare is available for consultation, physiotherapy, regular check-up, etc which are covered under many health insurance policies.

Pre And Post-Hospitalization Treatment:

Hospitalization before and after treatment is covered by regular healthcare insurance policies as well as they are covered under home healthcare services. The period of pre and post-hospitalization may vary depending on the different insurance companies.

Daycare Treatment:

Daycare procedures are the important ones that don’t require the patient to be hospitalized for more than 24 hours. Such conditions are expensive but here hospitalization is not required for the patient can be transferred home on the same day of the medical procedure. Such conditions such as chemotherapy, cataract, etc.

Home healthcare services serve as the best health insurance policy for several patients who needs domiciliary medical procedures. This is because the patient can feel more comfortable, and the treatment can be done smoothly under home healthcare services.


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